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Wrapping up a fantastic weekend here, and wanted to share a few photos and stories with you all!

It’s rare these days that I find myself with a weekend off; between my own schedule and the additional shows with my band honeymoon, Thursday-Sunday tend to be pretty busy days.  This Memorial Day I somehow found myself with not only a weekend, but a long weekend free!  Which was really lucky, as there was quite a bit happening down the coast in beautiful Big Sur.

Saturday was the first sunny day we’d had here in weeks; as a city by the ocean our summers tend to be pretty foggy and punctuated with that good ‘ol wind chill coming off the water.  But the sun came out Saturday morning and we drove south down Highway 1 with open windows, and arrived at my favorite place to splurge on breakfast once or twice a year, Deetjen’s.  I will say nothing more except for this, for these are the only words you need to know should you be lucky enough to step into this establishment during breakfast hours: Stuffed French Toast.  Pictures below…let your imagination run wild.

After basking in breakfast bliss for a while, we came to our next stop of the day, the Henry Miller Library.  This happens to be another one of my favorite Big Sur destinations.  There is a little book store where you can find all the great books by Miller and the fellow talented writers of his era, plus a few newer selections like one of my recently-devoured favorites, “Just Kids” by Patti Smith.  There are all sorts of old photos and memorabilia here, which the proprietor Magnus Toren will tell you all about.  In the past handful of years, the library has turned into what is certainly one of the most magical places to see live music anywhere.  Period.  With the help of local promotor and concert curator extraordinaire FolkYeah Presents, they have held intimate concerts on their 300-capacity lawn underneath the redwood trees that include Arcade Fire, Band Of Horses, and Bonny “Prince” Billy, to name just a few.  On Saturday they held the second annual Vinyl In The Woods record fair, where vendors come from all over California to buy and sell vinyl goodies.  We made out with a few gems ourselves!


It was a perfect day for relaxing on the lawn and soaking up some sun.


We wandered around Big Sur for the rest of the afternoon, and as we wandered a distinctly heavy fog rolled in.  By the time we went to grab dinner it was turning from light mist into heavy mist, and by the time we got back to Henry Miller where we were planning to see the Chris Robinson Brotherhood that night, we were wondering if the show would be able to happen or not, as the stage and lawn at the library are totally uncovered and vulnerable to the elements.  To make a long, damp story short, the show was rained out and rescheduled for the next day.  We didn’t make it back down for the raincheck on Sunday but I heard it was a fantastic show.  Who would have thought after all that perfect weather on Saturday the rain would come along and spoil the fun?

Even though we couldn’t make the trip back down the coast on Sunday, we had tickets to see Gillian Welch and David Rawlings on Monday night which I was not about to miss.  Gillian is one of my greatest heroes and to see her play in Big Sur after what has been a serious hiatus, was sure to be quite an experience.  She totally delivered and wound up far exceeding my already high expectations.  David Rawlings is a force to be reckoned with on lead guitar, and Gillian’s voice was perfection.  The two of them together sing and play so naturally together, you can tell they’ve been doing it for many years.  It was an inspiration, and gave me hope to see someone play a whole 2 sets of melancholy folk songs and still leave the audience wanting more :-)  Then to top it off they encored with three classics: “Pancho & Lefty”, “I’ll Fly Away”, and “Long Black Veil”.  It was truly magical and I left feeling completely full of beautiful music….and pie! Earlier in the day I had baked a triple berry pie out of leftover berries I’d been saving and freezing from our weekly organic co-op order for the last several weeks.  We packed a picnic of wine and pie and bundled up with blankets and enjoyed some deliciousness during the intermission.


That concludes our weekend adventures.  Sounds great right?  It really was!  As I get ready for my big trip this Friday that will take me to Austin, St. Louis, Manchester, and Atlanta for all kinds of shows including my performance at the Bonnaroo music festival, I was so grateful to get a relaxing and fulfilling weekend at home.  I feel recharged and ready to hit the road!  

I’m leaving out one more little purring detail though!  Last week we adopted a kitty from the Animal Friends Rescue Project; a sweet little thing with four white mittens, pretty green eyes, bob cat stripes, and a little stump where her tail used to be before a wild animal attack necessitated in it’s amputation. 

Meet Hazel:

Hazel joins our other AFRP adoptee, Marbles…named for his one blind eye.  Together they make 2 wonderful cats with 1 tail and 3 good eyes!


I’ll be sad to leave them in a few days, but will trust them to hold down the fort while we’re gone.  While I’m on the road I hope you’ll check my upcoming tour dates and come say hello at a show!  I’ll be at the following places:

June 4- Austin, TX- Stubb’s (Indoors) w/ Truth & Salvage Co.

June 5- Austin, TX- Cactus Cafe showcase

June 7- St. Louis, MO- Off Broadway w/ David Mayfield

June 9-12- Manchester, TN- Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival- I play Sunday, June 12th on the Cafe Where stage at 5pm!

June 14- Atlanta, GA- Smith’s Olde Bar w/ Greensky Bluegrass

Find more information at


Thank you all for reading!


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