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I’ve been enjoying the daffodils for the short time that the weather stays cool enough for their liking.  These fragrant little beauties are my favorite flower, which suits me well since I myself am a spring baby.  At the end of the month I’ll be celebrating another trip around the sun, and trying to resist the urge to bake my own birthday cake now that my moratorium on baking has ended.  This month I’m celebrating another birthday, as my childhood best friend just became a Mama to her second baby boy, Aiden, who I am completely in love with.  Here’s a picture of the little lamb cardigan I made for him:

In other, more music-related news, I’m happy to report that 2011 is looking to be a fantastic year;  my album “Once I Was A Bird” will finally see an official release date (!!!) and a tour to follow, I have a new website on the way,  music videos, and one very special announcement about a very exciting show.  Stay tuned for updates on all fronts!  Make sure you also check in with my band honeymoon, as chances are good that if I’m not touring on my own, I’m playing with them!  We’re gearing up for a busy year too, and are off to a great start as we were just voted Monterey County’s Best Local Band…yahoo!  I am a busy girl indeed these days, and feel lucky every second.
  In trying to keep some balance between work and personal life, I try to remind myself as often as I can of the things I’m grateful for.  I was taking photos at the beach the other day with some folks from Austin, TX and their awe of the Pacific Ocean was so genuine, and a reminder of the things around us that we take for granted.  Of course I felt guilty and promptly went out on a hike at Point Lobos to take in some of that good old natural wonder.  A few photos for you here:

Thanks for staying in touch with me my friends!  For now I’m off to do some cooking on this stormy Friday.  
All the Best,

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